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Rent Review and Lease Renewal


When the rent on commercial premises is due to change or the lease comes to an end, where can you turn for advice?  Perhaps a solicitor is one choice but Brandon Simms Chartered Surveyors can advise fully on all aspects of the matter both from a legal and valuation point of view.  A solicitor will be needed to draw-up the lease or deed but see a Chartered Surveyor first.

The detailed interpretation of rent review clauses and the variety of legal decisions on that interpretation can often make a substantial difference to the rent eventually paid.  This applies equally to the landlord or the tenant.

At lease renewal it is not just the rent at stake but the terms of the lease which may affect that rent.  Having negotiated numerous new leases and having acted for landlords and tenants on a regular basis we are able to advise on the most appropriate terms.  The Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 changed from 1 June 2004 and new rules now apply.